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Good afternoon!

This topic is dedicated to all of our players trying to get the new Maroua Top hamste fur.

In this topic, you can ask me to manually deliver your cro-babies for the top Maroua if your cromimis are not giving birth as they should.

Make sure that you leave enough time for your cromimis to have a chance to give birth as I will only deliver the babies after their due date and not before! Here is a reminder of the normal cromimi's gestation time:

6 days for the VIPs
(4 days wait between pregnancies and 2 pregnancy days)


15 days
for the non-VIPs
(10 days wait between pregnancies and 5 pregnancy days)

As for the other "Special delivery" topics, you must state the complete name(s) of the pregnant cromimi(s) in your message .

You can ask for up to four cromimis in your message.

And good luck for this new top /library/php/forum/views/smilies/big_smile.png


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