It's their birthday!

Today is Tuesday 25 June 2019.

Here are all the breeders whose birthday is today and who have played the game for at least 15 days!

mzelmwa Brioche06 nicolas3 NicoRobin76120 meg6499 Eli-67 mimi-love25 martinehoc candicedigne1 daphney19 mary25062004 Anna01055 malorie62 zazou91118 Madidou17 Quent2004 haby31 nail24 samia336 Iloya lelecoeur50 patapouf25 TitPoussin Koy1 papougne MetMs23 Carmelito hyghghg2eerer4 PetitePomme Agathy Kimy29 Kalysse hiba7310 MrIgor Missfeu AbigailDulces melanielmh Lalla42