It's their birthday!

Today is Tuesday 22 September 2020.

Here are all the breeders whose birthday is today and who have played the game for at least 15 days!

Stellabelle02 WAKOULIT lili5430 coco-amande youb63 starmarie223 SweetSwagJCSSmsfts andy73 ines1354 Ondine6969 chaima2013 Oumou22092004 lili2239 nana22094 YouYou541 solange57 miss-laurie09 Lili5715023 emilie-julie23 LounaStar ines384 lili644 Crystal2277 Okimichu lili32 leafrancois76 kard CuteJimin Myuchina kekedu24 Sweetie Nyle MelodyIchigoo dridi06200