It's their birthday!

Today is Monday 19 August 2019.

Here are all the breeders whose birthday is today and who have played the game for at least 15 days!

audrey000 mania845 luna238 djennnnnna Lucyl356 martinedubois penouelle bettyboop67800 camomo3 emeline887 Amanda131 Gwendal4 roni80 MarieAnne39 lili128 missmushu11 claire182967 marguerite248 Serena19 jambee8100 dorisdemartinique annemry Mashrika19 shaushau346 lilli32 Ashtou0 floupette juju200851 evengelie19 laury101924 Lara330 dady774 rose1540046 SaradaUchiwa COLOCHIS lorianne Ana98 Huehue