Adopt a virtual animal

To start breeding virtual animals, adopt your favorite rodent and choose a cozy nest for it!

Adopt a hamster or a rodent

Decorate your cage

Decorate the cage of your cute animals with the accessories you will find in the pet shop and participate in the election of the most beautiful cage of the week!

Decorate the hamster or rodent cage

Raise your rodent

Raise and take care of your pets so that they are happy and in good shape and that they can participate in the various games and competitions!

Breeding of hamsters or rodents

Dress up your pet

Find the ideal outfits for your pets at the store and give them a unique look with the thousands of clothes available!

Wash and brush a hamster or a rodent

Make your rodents reproduce

Make crossbreeds and obtain unique coats thanks to the advanced genetics module in order to obtain cute virtual animals!

Reproduction of hamsters or rodents

Win unique furs

Try to obtain exclusive coats by making the right crosses between rodents already available in your breeding!

Caring for a hamster or a rodent

Show your animal in reality

Display your cutest pet in the real world with the augmented reality module, take photos and make videos that you will share with your friends!


To start this breeding game, adopt a pet!

> Adopt and raise cute pets: hamsters, mice, rabbits and ferrets <

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