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Special note to parents

Who are we?

This game is published by a French games development company based in LE PUY-EN-VELAY (43). NOVALIIS, was established in 2006 and is comprised of a dynamic team that develops and takes care of our online games: My Candy Love, Cromimi. You can find more information about us on our website:

Game Concept


  • » Breed a Cromimi (hamster, mouse or ferret).
  • » Feed, entertain and heal their little pet.
  • » Improve their breeder experience by frequently going to the game room or to the vet.
  • » Train their Cromimi so it can become the fastest and the best trained in Cromimi City.
  • » Dress their Cromimi with sweaters, trousers, glasses, hats...
  • » Have a walk through Cromimi City to meet other Cromimis, get advice about hamsters, mice, ferrets, training, buying food...
  • » Make their Cromimi and its cage evolve by following the story of Cromimi completing the different objectives.

The Forum, a place of exchange between players.

    Prohibited Controversial topics include:
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • War
  • Death
  • Sexuality
  • Suicide
  • Depression
  • Drugs
  • Etc...

We monitor for any abuse of these topics and do moderate any posts that are in any way aggressive, racist, homophobic, hateful or violent, or that advocate intolerance, or incite suicide, ... We are vigilant and also prohibit any communication of personal data (Name, address, phone number,...) and photos of underage players.

Posting of advertisements to external sites is not allowed. We strive to maintain a pleasant atmosphere in all the places of exchange.

Publicity on the website: Selected partners and subjects.

During their navigation, your child may encounter some advertisements on the pages. These advertisements come from our partners in whom we trust. We keep complete control over what is shown on our sites, thus excluding all advertising related to the sensitive topics previously mentioned. We also refuse all advertisements promoting weight loss, diets, plastic surgery, etc. Emphasis is placed on links to other games.

Personal data, necessary and confidential.

When navigating through this game, some data is collected automatically. This data allows us to know our audience and its evolution to adapt our game, it also prevents the display of inappropriate content for children. It would be impossible to filter these contents without this data.

The email address included in the registration form is in no way used for commercial purposes. It is never shared with outside companies. The only emails sent to this address concern the game and its events.

In application of the Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to infomation technology, files and liberties, you have the right to oppose (art. 26 of the Act), access (art. 34 38 of the Act) and correct (art. 36 of the Act) any personal data. Having headquarters in France, NOVALIIS has declared to the National Commission for Data Protection an automated processing of personal data. This treatment is the subject of special attention in terms of safety.

The Bank System

Because dialogue is essential in learning how to use the Internet...

All of our games are free, absolutely no purchase is necessary. The principle provides players with a number of possible actions each day and a budget to manage virtual currency. Your child can progress through the game via this system.

However, there is a 'Banking' system, which allows the player to obtain benefits, virtual currency or additional actions to accelerate their progress in the game.

We invite you to establish rules with your child about the usage or not of the banking system and to be vigilant about unauthorized use of your payment method.

    Different payment methods are available:
  • Paypal: This payment service is managed by Google. It facilitates payments made on the internet and permits you to not have to enter systematically your bank card code. Paypal acts as a screen between you and the mercant to ensure a maximum security level.
  • TEXT+: This service is managed by the same company as Allopass and uses the same principal but with text messages. Again, no personal information is required, making this service safe.
  • Telephone fixe: Landline Phone: This Allopass system is used around the world and is completely safe. Using a landline phone, the player calls a number that will supply them with a code through an automated system. The player then enters the code on our website and they will be credited with virtual money or advantages. A call to receive a code costs .00. This system is completely secured and does not ask for any personal information.